The climate crisis is here and it's real. I believe that we as humans need to face it and take action. An easy and helpful way to do so is by sorting our trash. 2/3 of the danish population is already doing it and this fictive school project was made with the intention to make the missing 1/3 to do it too.
In the campaign movie above you're getting presented to Speltikus. She associates to the danish word Speltkusse who's a morbid word for a type of person who does a lot for the climate or only buys organic food. I put her on a piedestal as being the ultimate climate activist.
The speak says: "A small effort also has a big impact." By putting up sorting trash against all the things that Speltikus does, it seems like such a small thing to do. I want people to feel that if they are a Speltikus themselves it's pretty cool but if they aren't then less effort can do good too. 
There's a lot of reasons why people don't sort their trash, but through research I found that a lot of Danes are either too lazy or simply can't see what an impact it'll have in the end. I lead me to the conclusion that this campaign had to be something different in order to get people's attention. I've focused on the keywords: humour, morbidity and noticeability.
A part of the task were to make a logo animation. I wanted to make something that stands out in the crowd so I place a big red circle and animated movements onto all elements.
An animated logo made sense to do in my case since the campaign is digital and has to work across dynamic platforms. The plants represent the climate part of the assignment and the name of the campaign (translated: Pure Trash In The Bag) represents the recycling part of it. 
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