A selection of shorter motion graphic projects I've made over time. Scroll down to see more!
Collab with Andreas Hansen and Rasmus Bak from Buck Studios
The task for this school project was to make a short motion graphic sequence intended to work in conjunction with 22 other sequences. The song, moodboard and color palette was given by forehand. I focussed on easing the movements and making the sequence fit to the music. The song gave me a 70's disco vibe and I focussed on bringing that vibe to the sequence through its colors, the shapes and ease.
A colorful 3D sequence
This little piece was made in Cinema 4D as a personal side project. I've always been fascinated by movement and colors and the idea was to create something with a paintbrush kinda feel to it. 
Red giant: C4D exercise
This galaxy inspired sequence was made as a personal side project while attending school because I wanted to maintain my Cinema 4D skills.
Corona special
Back in March when the danish government chose to shut down the country due to COVID-19, I got pretty annoyed to see how many people still wondered around in the streets like it was nothing. That's where the idea for this little GIF came from. 
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