Through processing this generator was made with the intend to let the user create random and funny sentences for an event such as the Poetry Slam nights held at The Royal Danish Theater. Through coding the user is able to run through a preset of backgrounds and words to make a fun and personal user experience.
It made sense to make a communication tool based on wordplay because Poetry Slam is all about the spoken word with humor and nerve.
Step 1
Write the words that you want generated and be aware to put the right wordform beneath each String.

Step 2
Type in the filename of each background you want the ability to scroll through.
Step 3
Get comfortable in what the different keys are set to do so that navigating makes the generating part easier – in this code LEFT-key scrolls back in the images and RIGHT-key scrolls forth. Hit the S-key to view a new sentence and hit the A-key to save the current frame.

© 2020 Cecilie Carøe Aarestrup
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