The world is becoming more and more digital and so are the kids who are born right into it. Supported by a visuel identity and a prototype, this project upgrades the experience of reading a book as we know it. It's an attempt to make kids spend less time in front of a screen and more time on activities in the real world.
"Tech addiction is 'digital heroin' for kids
– turning children into screen junkies"

The scenario
Imagine a new kind of book - the so called BUF Book. Each time there's a change of scenery in the book, there's a QR code.

When the kid starts scanning the code on the backside of the book by using the BUF App, a preset of unique animation and sound will start to load. After connecting the phone to the headpiece and attaching the white plaque to the book, the kids can now watch animation and listen to sound that supports what they're reading while they're reading it.

It will make them feel like they are a part of the story - and it will kickstart the imagination it takes to enjoy a book, which a lot of kids in the digital age doesn't have as a result of their massive screen use.
Step 1
Download the app and scan the QR Code on the backside of the BUF Book. Then wait a few seconds for the preset to load.
Step 2
Plug the phone to the BUF Headpiece which will now be able to play sound and show animations through projection.
Step 3
Attach the white plague to the backside of the book and voilà!
Animated brandvideo
As a part of the branding I made this short video above. The intent was to make something that would caught the viewers eye and interest. I therefore made a catchy song focussing on making this new BUF-experience sound cool to the kids. I wanted to reach both boys and girls and so the whole project was made with a focus on trying to balancing the visual and auditive identity with that in mind.
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