As a part of a school project we were to come up with a creative way of making a title sequence to an upcoming TV-serie called Alt for ung (Way too young). The serie was about young people living with parents suffering from dementia. Focussing on making something authentic yet creative, we played around with different textures/medias to get the right expression.
Step 1
We started out interviewing the two main roles on a green screen so that we could add more layers to the expression later on.

Step 2
A layer of different animations were added to the footage.

Step 3
Solids were first added to the background. Afterward came a process of experimenting with analoge textures which were placed in front of a screen playing the movie with the animations running. We ended up using thick paper because the blurriness it added to the background were the look we were going for. That blurriness was thought as a symbol of how blurry it can all seem when your parent gets sick and the kid-parent roles suddenly gets turned around.
Final output
The paper doesn't cover the whole picture since the clear spots represents the young people's facade fraying up. We had an idea on how we wanted the final result to look like but didn't really have a clue since none of us had ever tried working with paper this way before. That made it a fun and experimenting project.

My role
I came up with the idea to use thick paper as texture and were a big part of the idea phase. Also I shot the footage of the girl and record/edited all sound. I animated parts of the movie and made the dynamic logo as you see above. I cut the final footage together and made it fit to the background music which I found as well.
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