Animation wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for this guy, John Whitney (1917 - 1995); An american animator who was widely considered to be the father of computer animation. Inspired by his work this piece was made as a creative challenge to what could've been a title sequence for a documentary about him.
After looking through a wide range of Whitney's work the team and I made a selection of the pictures that inspired us the most. The moodboard led us to the three keywords psychedelic, harmonic and dynamic which helped shaping the rest of the process.
The process
First I made an animation in After Effects and then we projected it onto a white wall. Moving around two white boxes on the wall made the animation unfold in different funky ways. We experimented in finding the most interesting angles and shot/edited it into the final footage.

Final output
Inspired by the keywords "psychedelic, harmonic and dynamic" we managed to create a title sequence inspired by Whitneys work. Working both analogue and digital we were able to get the right expression as if it was made back in the 80's.
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